Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Tips

It's finally Halloween!

I'm pretty sure every kid loves Halloween. Candy, costumes and friends! Even better, it's on a Friday this year, so no limits on the Trick-or-Treating or parties! Here's how to make your Halloween the best one ever: 

1. If you don't have a costume, make one. For example, my friends and I are making fast-food costumes on our own. 
2. Don't come on too strong with your friends, or they WILL abandon you. 
3. If you're planning to pull a prank, make sure you are unrecognizable. 
4. When a house has no lights on or no decorations, chances are you won't get candy at that house. 
5. Look out for cars, as they may come from anywhere. 
6. If you live near a Chipotle, go to it when you finish Trick-or-Treating. They have a good deal for burritos for people in costume! 
7. If you're stuck with family, walk fast. That way, they won't embarass you. 
8. If your family catches up to you, head to the closest house. They don't go to the houses. 
9. Come up with creative games. Example: have everyone drink a Coke bottle. When they finish it, they look at who's name is on the label. Then you go to each house and ask if that person's name is on the Coke bottle! Whoever finds their person first wins!
10. Trick-or-Treat in safe neighborhoods. You do NOT want to be kidnapped. 


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