Saturday, September 6, 2014

Starting Middle School

I recently made a huge jump from elementary school to middle school. Everything is really different, but hang in there! Here are some tips for school.


  1. Buy a locker. You have a bunch of supplies, and the locker helps you lighten your load. 
  2. Make sure you have time to get to your locker. If you have a far away class from your locker, pick up some extra supplies before. 
  3. Use your electives wisely. P.E is mandatory unless you put in a note. If you like PE, don't bother with the note! But if you don't like it and you forget the note, you only have one elective. 
  4. Spend time with friends after school. The middle school system may separate you from your friends, but you can always hang out after school! 
  5. Plan ahead. Some teachers don't give any homework, while some give you three projects in a week! Make a balanced homework schedule and you'll be fine. 


  1. Complete projects in advance. If you slack off and have a big project due in a week, then you'll have to cram it all in during the last night!
  2. Grab a school map. Even if you know most of the way around your school, your classes may be in a new area. So learn your classes and pick the shortest routes. 
  3. (MAJOR TIP) SILENCE YOUR PHONES! If your phone rings during class, you can kiss it goodbye forever! 
  4. Be friendly to the kids you sit next to. Then you'll have some more friends, and the more the merrier! 
Follow these tips and you'll be fine. 

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