Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Heat is on!

If you're a Miami resident, you'll love this story. Celtics fan? Move on. The Miami Heat are on a roll. They've clinched the top seed in the whole NBA and were 6 games short of tying the longest win streak ever.. Here are some keys in my opinion. Chris "Birdman" Andersen, born on 7/7/78 and a graduate from Blinn JC college has been a colossal hustle effort. He also puts up monster scoring. If the Heat created a Big Four, he'd be in it. Obviously, the Big 3 are keys. LBJ, D-Wade and Chris Bosh aren't a key; they're the reason. Mario Chalmers has become a severe hustler. He has potential to become someone like Chris Paul! Last, but not least, Shane Battier is proud to be a member of the Heat. So he's making the best of it with wicked 3-point shooting and monster shooting. For more info about the players, visit THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE MIAMI HEAT.

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