Monday, April 15, 2013


         Blood spilled on to the streets. One of America's toughest cities in panic. Terrorists watching the fire, cackling. Why is this happening? Let me take you to a virtual tour to Boston. There's a huge marathon located there called the... Well, "The Boston Marathon"! Some terrorists found out about this came up with a disgusting yet clever plan. At 2:50, when someone crossed the line, a bomb exploded, injuring over 50 and killing 2. My prayers go to the victims and their families. The marathon starts in Hopkinson, Massachusetts and finishes in Boston, Massachusetts. One of my sister's friends uncle just finished before the explosion. Witnesses say it was loud and panic ran through the streets.
        There are a few questions that this marathon gives clues to. First, is America safe? Probably not. Newtown. 9-11. Now this! Second, who did this? Probably Iraq, because lately, America has had some conflicts with them. Finally, what has been the worst event of the 21st century? So many answers. This, 9-11, Newtown, etc! I gotta give it to Newtown, because 26 CHILDREN died. This involved just 2 deaths. 9-11 was mainly adults. Either way, America needs to man up... Or else.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fun Things

Ever get so bored of things?

I have two things to say: it could be worse and I have some recommendations. First: it could be worse! Imagine if you were a beetle. They eat poop, walk around and that's all. Or you could be a rock. Do NOTHING all day long. See? It can be worse. Now, my recommendations. 
WEBSITES Ran by one of my best friends, Nicole Marcus, this website gives information about endangered animals and how to save them plus polls. Also ran by Nicole, this is a hilarious website with polls, funny videos, etc!
Coolmath: I know practically everyone knows about Coolmath. Games, lessons, etc, its the perfect website with games!
GameTime: Replaced by GameWorks at Sunset Place and many other places, this area is a modern arcade with some motion simulators. I love it!
A Local Park: Who doesn't love an area where you can bike, play sports, climb trees or take a stroll?
Temple Run: If you have an Apple mobile device, the chase is on! Collect coins to unlock special power ups and new characters.
Pocket God: Same device needed as Temple Run. Control your own land with 6 to 8 inhabitants! Play games, toss them off a cliff, even make clips! Pocket God rocks.

Now if you say your bored after this, then I guess you'll never be happy.