Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bullying: A Two-Way Street

When you think of someone getting bullied, you think a poor, helpless kid. But what if it was one of your best friends?

        You'd be shocked, right? Who wouldn't want to be upset? Now pretend the victim IS your best friend, even if  he or she isn't. It's almost absolutely necessary to help. Even if you make a website and mention someone in a bad way is considered bullying. Even if you don't mean it, it can be bullying if: 
You physically hurt.
Call someone a name like "stupid" or "moron" or even worse. 
Go behind his or her back.
Make website and tease person on it. 
Text someone or email someone and tease person. 
         If you know someone who does any of those things to you, your friends or even your enemies and people you don't know, report it to an adult. There are much worse things that some kids do, but I  want to keep your dreams good and not send you a virtual nightmare. Bottom line: Bullying is never cool. Sometimes, the bully does it because they're scared of you. For more info, Cartoon Network and CNN made a documentary called "The Bully Project" you can watch online or occasionally on TV.